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Current Sensors & Voltage Regs

AAV003-10E -80 mA to +80 mA current sensor

AAV003-10E -80 mA to +80 mA current sensor

The output of the bridge voltage is bipolar and proportional to the current through the strap over a -80 to +80 mA input range. The sensing element of this device is a bridge of GMR resistors whose resistance varies with applied magnetic field. Typical sensitivity is 2mV/mA with a 24 V supply and no amplification. The sensors are targeted at circuit board current sensing for process control and instrumentation. Their sensitivity makes them ideal for isolated 4-20 mA current loop detection. These devices are suitable for both AC and DC current measurement.

  • -80 mA to +80 mA linear range
  • AC or DC Measurement
  • 2 mV/mA sensitivity
  • Ultraminiature TDFN Package
Ideal for low current detection, the new AAV003-10E is a highly linear, extremely low hysteresis GMR (Giant Magneto Resistance ) current sensor with an on-chip current strap. A GMR bridge sensor element close to the strap senses the current.

AAV003-10E -80 mA to +80 mA current sensor

Quantity Order Code Package Temp. Range
AAV003-10E -40C/+125C
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