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Dual Matched JFETs

Dual Matched JFETs

Dual Matched JFETs are ideal as a low noise front end for high gain op amp circuits.

The IF1322 is a dual die matched pairs in a single plastic surface mount package.

Utilizing a dual die approach to reduce cross talk from the parasitic transistor created in the substrate between the gates of the monolithic devices, the construction matches adjacent die to stringent electrical characteristics to eliminate the parasitic transistor as a source of noise, and only uses adjacent die to best improve the match.

The IF1322 is based on the very low noise NJ132L geometry that has been in production for over 30 years.  By matching two adjacent NJ132 die to create this new device, the designer is allowed to utilize its high sensitivity and stability to create a high performing differential sensor input or constant current supply.

Dual Matched JFETs

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