InterFET 2N5116 Series

InterFET 2N5116 Series
  • Through-hole P-channel JFET
  • InterFET P0099F Geometry
  • Low noise of 8nV/√Hz typical
  • Minimum gate to source breakdown Voltage of 30V
  • Drain to source saturation current of -5mA minimum
  • Gate to source cutoff voltage of 1V minimum
  • Hermetically sealed TO-18 package suitable for military applications or bare die packages available
  • Continuous forward gate current 50mA
  • Continuous device power dissipation 500mW
  • Power derating of 4mW/°C
  • Operating temperature between -55°C and +125°C

The InterFET 2N5116 series of P-channel JFETs offers P0099F geometry, with a gate to source breakdown Voltage 30V and Low noise of 8nV/√Hz. This JFET series comes in a through-hole TO-18 package which is hermetically sealed and suitable for military applications and is also available as a bare die package. The 2N5116 JFET has a drain to source saturation current of -5mA and can be operated in a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

As with all InterFET products, the 2N5116 JFET series is available for customisation to meet even the strictest application demands. The customisable features include unique test or review parameters, package style, binning options, channel configurations, multi-geometry and hybrid solutions and many others.

Typical applications for the 2N5116 JFET series from InterFET include:

  • Analog switches
  • Choppers

The below table gives the maximum ratings for the InterFET 2N5116 series:

InterFET 2N5114 Specifications

@TA = 25°C, Unless otherwise specified

Additional Features
  • Through-hole P-channel JFET series ideal for analog switches and choppers
  • Customisable solutions available
  • Low noise of 8nV/√Hz typical
Continuous Device Power Dissipation (PD) 500mW
Drain to Source Saturation Current (IDSS) -5mA
Gate to Source Breakdown Voltage (BVGSS) 30V
Gate to Source Cutoff Voltage (VGS off) 1V
Operating Temperature -55°C to +125°C
  • TO-18
  • Bare die
Power Derating 4mW/°C

Below is the ordering information table, custom part and binning options are also available.

5114 Part Number Example

All InterFET packaged and unpackaged end products meets the requirements of the latest REACH and RoHS 3 (2015/863 directive) standard. Please click on the links below for InterFETs RoHS and REACH statements.



PDF Document InterFET RoHS compliance
PDF Document InetrFET REACH compliance
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