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IFND89 low noise, low power JFET

IFND89 low noise, low power JFET

Typical applications for this transistor are miniature microphones, high gain low noise amplifiers, low current consumption amplifiers and ultra high impedance low signal level pre-amplifiers examples of which can be found in test and measurement instrumentation, medical devices, sensors and particle detectors.

  • 0.9V pinch off voltage
  • 6.8nV/&#8730Hz noise
  • ideal for high quality low signal amplification
  • Parts available in die form
The IFND89 is a new n-channel JFET transistor with integrated back to back input over voltage protection diodes. The device offers the designer a unique combination of low noise ( 6.8nV/&#8730Hz typ. ) high gain device combined with a low pinch-off voltage of less than 0.9V. The internal back to back diodes provide over voltage protection

IFND89 low noise, low power JFET

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