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High ambient temperature

311-38-540 Series Pressure & Temperature transducer

311-38-540 Series Pressure & Temperature transducer

The transducer can be provided with alternate port fittings and electrical connections to meet specific requirements and provides the best solution for designers looking to reduce space, weight and the number of components.

Typical applications include : Oil field drilling & production, military aircraft and ground vehicle hydraulic monitoring,  extreme and corrosive environments and industrial / agricultural plant automation monitoring & control.

  • 0-5,000 to 0-30,000 PSIA
  • -40°C to +218°C temperature range, (calibrated +23°C to +176°C ).
  • Rapid change detection
  • Class A Pt1000 RTD temperature measurement
  • Custom port fittings and electrical connections available on request

The 311-38-540 pressure & temperature transducer is well suited for high shock, high pressure, high vibration, corrosive media and high humidity environments.  The device incorporates proprietary sensor technology with innovative temperature sensing to introduce a high pressure, high temperature combination transducer.  The design of the sensor means that the probe sits directly in the process fluid stream to detect rapid changes in temperature.

The standard range of 311-38-540 pressure and temperature transducers are listed below, though you can define and submit your own custom specifications to one of our engineers by clicking on the Custom Design Form button below.  Once we have received your request we will contact you as soon as possible.

Custom pressure transducer design form

311-38-540 Series Pressure & Temperature transducer

Quantity Order Code Pressure Range Proof Pressure Burst Pressure Total Error Band
311-38-540-04 20000 PSI 24000 PSI 30000 PSI 0.02% FS
311-38-540-06 25000 PSI 30000 PSI 33000 PSI 0.02% FS
311-38-540-07 30000 PSI 36000 PSI 40000 PSI 0.02% FS
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