InterFET PN4416 and PN4416A Series

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Product Features

  • JFET series ideal for sensitive mixer and VHF amplifier applications
  • Customisable solutions available
  • Low noise of nV/√Hz typical
  • Low leakage of 10pA typical


  • Compliant


  • Through-hole N-channel JFET
  • N0026S Geometry
  • Low gate leakage of 10pA typical
  • Low noise of 4nV/√Hz typical
  • Minimum gate to source breakdown Voltage of -30V (PN4416) or -35V (PN4416A)
  • Drain to source saturation current 5mA minimum
  • Gate to source cutoff voltage of -2.5V minimum (PN4416A)
  • TO-92 Package
  • Forward transconductance of 4500μS minimum
  • Continuous device power dissipation 300mW
  • Power derating of 2mW/°C
  • Temperature range between -55°C and +125°C


The InterFET PN4416 and PN4416A series of N-channel JFETs offers N0026S geometry, with a gate to source breakdown Voltage of either -30V (PN4416) or -35V (PN4416A) and very low gate leakage of 10pA (typical). This JFET series comes in a through-hole TO-92 package. The PN4416 and PN4416A JFETs have a drain to source saturation current of 5mA and can be operated in a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

As with all InterFET products, the PN4416 and PN4416A JFET series are available for customisation to meet even the strictest application demands. The customisable features include unique test or review parameters, package style, binning options, channel configurations, multi-geometry and hybrid solutions and many others.

Typical applications for the PN4416 and PN4416A JFET series from InterFET include:

  • Sensitive mixer applications
  • VHF Amplifiers


The below table gives the maximum ratings for each resistor model available for the InterFET PN4416 and PN4416A series:

InterFET 2N4416 Specifications@TA = 25°C, Unless otherwise specified, highlighted values = A variant



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Additional Features

JFET series ideal for sensitive mixer and VHF amplifier applicationsCustomisable solutions availableLow noise of nV/√Hz typicalLow leakage of 10pA typical

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InterFET PN4416 and PN4416A Series

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