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DIGITAL Linear Dual Axis Tilt System

USB PORT POWERED advanced programmable dual axis LINEAR Digital output tilt module, built around a customized state of the art CMOS Microprocessor. 

The module is equipped with full range linearity correction routine for each axis of tilt and can communicate via included USB, RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interfaces.

System is perfectly suitable for numerous high precision OEM, military, medical, optical, automotive, range finder, alignment, automation, robotics and construction angle measurement or monitoring applications.  

Exceptionally stable and consistent performance in temperature variable environments and it's LOW cost make EZ-TILT-5000-rev3-SS the perfect choice for high accuracy leveling applications.

Specification EZ-TILT-5000-Rev3-SS Units
 Range  -90 to +90  arcdeg linear min
 Resolution  12  bits
 Linearity ROLL  <0.2 arcdeg  CCW & CW
 Linearity PITCH  <0.2 arcdeg  CCW & CW
 Symmetry (lin cal)  <0.1% @ 45°  CCW & CW
 Power  +7 to 15Vdc  Vdc (regulated
 Optional Power  from USB  Vdc (from USB)
 RS232, RS485, RS422  115Kbps  19.2Kbps (default)
 Temperature Range  -40 to +85  °C
 Size (without sensors)  2" x 2" x 0.5"  


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