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Movement & Acceleration Sensors

EZ-TILT-7001-D / EZ-TILT-7002-D Solid State Disc

EZ-TILT-7001-D / EZ-TILT-7002-D Solid State Disc

This special all Solid State Analog Vdc output environmental inclinometers are built around a customized state of the art CMOS components.

In a single (7001) and dual axis (7002)  versions it provides an economical and reliable tilt sensing solution for applications requiring superior Mid-Wide range LINEARITY, resolution, repeatability and symmetry.

Rugged all weather construction make it perfectly suitable for numerous Mid-Wide range high precision OEM, military, medical, optical, automotive, range finder, alignment, automation, robotics and construction angle measurement applications. Innovative design and small size facilitate uncomplicated wall mounting.   

Sealed uni-body construction facilitates long term reliable performance independent of environmental conditions, and does not require additional enclosures.


Parameter Value Units
 Range  -90° to +90°  arcdeg (mono)
 Output  0.5 to 4.5  Vdc
 Null Output  2.5  Vdc
 Null offset  0.1   arcdeg
 Repeatability  <0.1  arcdeg
 Sensitivity  28 to 35  mV/arcdeg
 Cross axis sensitivity  3  %
 Output Load: R  10  KOhm
 Output Load: C  20  nF
 Linearity mid range  ±20   mg
 Frequency response  17 to 19   Hz
 Supply voltage  7 to 15  Vdc
 Temperature  -40 to +100  °C
 Construction  1.8" dia x 0.8"  Aluminium Disc  Inch
 Mounting  Vertical or Horizontal  Custom request


EZ-TILT-7001-D / EZ-TILT-7002-D Solid State Disc

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