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Resistance Meters

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  1. IMR-B Micro-ohm meter

    IMR-B Micro-ohm meter

    The electrical DCR of the resistance is measured using a 4 wire true ohm measurement. The meter employs an offset free and low-noise measurement system with 16 to 20 bit resolution. The absolute resolution of the IMR-B-R020 is 0.01µΩ in the smallest possible measurement range. The meter's measurement current ranges up to 2.4 A.

    • 1µΩ to 3kΩ range
    • ±(0.02 % + 1µΩ) accuracy
    • Single or continuous measurements with averaging
    • USB 2.0 interface
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  2. M210 Milliohm Meter

    M210 Milliohm Meter

    Manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments Ltd in the UK, the M210 Milliohm Meter is a portable, low resistance digital meter designed to measure over the range 0.001Ω to 200Ω.  A high degree of accuracy is achieved by utilising a four terminal input to eliminate errors caused by test lead length.

    One of the most important features of the milliohm meter is its low (5mA) test current.  This ensures the contact being tested is not 'cleaned' by the test current which can happen when higher test currents are used.  This 'cleaning' of the contact under test leads to erroneous measurements.

    The M210 set comprises of:

    • Milliohm Meter (Part No.M210).
    • Set of standard test leads with spring clip connector (Part No: M210/9A).
    • A protective case.
    • Instruction leaflet.
    • UKAS Calibration Certificate.

    The M210 is powered by a single 9V (PP3, MN1604 or equivalent) battery (not included).

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