Quality Management Procedures

An open book and a clipboard with paper

At Rhopoint Components, we want you to place your orders with complete confidence in the quality of the services and products you receive. We aim to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs, expectations, and requirements with our quality management procedures.

We endeavour to provide timely support and give direct feedback to customer enquiries to continually improve customer satisfaction.

Quality throughout the organisation is the responsibility of every team member throughout their day-to-day activities. To achieve our quality management policy, we are guided by the following:


All employees are appropriately trained through on-going training and development programmes, so they understand the relevance and importance of their undertaking and how they contribute to the organisation’s and customers’ expectations.

Authentic products

As part of our authorised partnership with our suppliers, we only offer authentic products acquired from official sources. Please see our official counterfeit product statement here.

Full traceability

Complete transparency with full traceability back to the manufacturer as part of Rhopoint’s quality management process.

In-house testing

Sometimes parts require a little extra attention. To satisfy our quality management processes we occasionally perform some in-house testing and visual inspections to meet additional stringent requirements, where requested by our customers.

Certificate of Conformance

Options available for Certificate of Conformance documentation upon request, from either manufacturer or Rhopoint’s own certification.

Safe handling and transport

To ensure the safe handling and transport of your order we follow manufacturers handling processes and care procedures.