Flux Density Calculator

The below calculator is designed to calculate the magnetic Flux Density in Oersteds (Oe) of a plain disc magnet.

Enter values below and the result will automatically be calculated.

Br (remanence field of the magnet):   
D (thickness or height of the magnet):   mm
R (radius of the disc magnet):   mm
x (distance from the pole face): 
B:   Oe*

*If µo = 1, Gauss = Oe

Popular manufacturers

Typical values of Br for disc magnet materials: Ceramic 12200 | Ceramic 53300 | Ceramic 83250 | Alnico 512500 Samarium 188600 | Samarium 249600 | Samarium 2610600 | Samarium 3211000 NdFeB 3512300 | NdFeB 39H13000 | NdFeB 4213200 | NdFeB 4513300 | NdFeB 4813800 The table below highlights the range of magnetic sensors we have to offer and their specifications:
Analog Magnetic Sensors
Part Series Linear Range Typical Sensitivity(mV/V/Oe) Maximum Operating Temperature (°C) Saturation (Oe)
NVE AA Series 1.5 to 450 3.6 to 0.1 125°C 15 to 500
NVE AAH Series 0.6 to 7.5 15 to 4 150°C 6 to 15
NVE AAL Series 1.5 to 10.5 3.5 125°C 15
NVE ALT Series -100 to +100 2 125°C 300
NVE AAK Series 400 to 2500 0.0033 85°C 4000
Digital Magnetic Sensors
Part Series Minimum Operate Point Supply Voltage Response Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)
NVE AD Series 1 mT 4.5V to 30V Normal (Omnipolar) 125°C
NVE ADV Series 0.4 mT 4.5V to 30V Bipolar 125°C
NVE AFL Series 0.4 mT 0.9V to 5.5V Normal (Omnipolar) 85°C
NVE ADL Series 2 mT 2.4V to 4.2V Normal (Omnipolar) 125°C
NVE AHL Series 1 mT 0.9V to 2.4V Normal (Omnipolar) 85°C
NVE ADT Series 1.5 mT 2.4V to 4.2V Normal (Omnipolar) 85°C
NVE AHT Series 1.5 mT 0.9V to 1.8V Normal (Omnipolar) 85°C
Smart Magnetic Sensors
Part Number Field Range Accuracy Speed Output
SM124-10E 10 Oe (Omnipolar) 5% 10 kSps I2C, Digital Threshold
SM225-10E 150 Oe (Bipolar) 2% 15 kSps SPI
SM324-10E 20 Oe (Bipolar) 0.3% 300 Sps I2C, Digital Threshold

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