Flux Density Calculator

This calculator estimates the magnetic field strength at a specific distance from a rectangular magnet. It utilizes the fundamental principles of electromagnetism, converting the magnet’s field strength from Gauss to Tesla, calculating the magnetic dipole moment from the magnet’s dimensions and magnetization, and applying these values to derive the field strength at a chosen distance. This tool is particularly useful in applications where understanding the magnetic field’s intensity and distribution is crucial, such as in designing magnetic circuits, sensors, or motors.

Disc Magnet Field Strength Calculator

Typical values of Br for disc magnet materials:

Ceramic 12200 | Ceramic 53300 | Ceramic 83250 | Alnico 512500 | Samarium 188600 | Samarium 249600 | Samarium 2610600 | Samarium 3211000 | NdFeB 3512300 | NdFeB 39H13000 | NdFeB 4213200 | NdFeB 4513300 | NdFeB 4813800

The table below highlights the range of magnetic sensors we have to offer and their specifications:

Popular manufacturers

Analog Magnetic Sensors
Part SeriesLinear RangeTypical Sensitivity(mV/V/Oe)Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)Saturation (Oe)
NVE AA Series1.5 to 4503.6 to 0.1125°C15 to 500
NVE AAH Series0.6 to 7.515 to 4150°C6 to 15
NVE AAL Series1.5 to 10.53.5125°C15
NVE ALT Series-100 to +1002125°C300
NVE AAK Series400 to 25000.003385°C4000
Digital Magnetic Sensors
Part SeriesMinimum Operate PointSupply VoltageResponseMaximum Operating Temperature (°C)
NVE AD Series1 mT4.5V to 30VNormal (Omnipolar)125°C
NVE ADV Series0.4 mT4.5V to 30VBipolar125°C
NVE AFL Series0.4 mT0.9V to 5.5VNormal (Omnipolar)85°C
NVE ADL Series2 mT2.4V to 4.2VNormal (Omnipolar)125°C
NVE AHL Series1 mT0.9V to 2.4VNormal (Omnipolar)85°C
NVE ADT Series1.5 mT2.4V to 4.2VNormal (Omnipolar)85°C
NVE AHT Series1.5 mT0.9V to 1.8VNormal (Omnipolar)85°C
Smart Magnetic Sensors
Part NumberField RangeAccuracySpeedOutput
SM124-10E10 Oe (Omnipolar)5%10 kSpsI2C, Digital Threshold
SM225-10E150 Oe (Bipolar)2%15 kSpsSPI
SM324-10E20 Oe (Bipolar)0.3%300 SpsI2C, Digital Threshold

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