Looking for Sensors?

The below manufacturers are our authorised partners that produce Sensors or related products.


We offer a broad selection of sensors from a number of different industry leading manufacturers. Many of our sensors are designed for use in a variety of industries including Automotive, Medical, Aerospace, Oil & Gas and other harsh environment applications. Our range of sensors available include:

  • Temperature Sensors
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Magnetic Sensors
  • Load Cells
  • Float & Flow Switches

From standard off-the-shelf products to customised sensors, we can work with you and our authorised partners to offer the right solution suited to your requirements.

Looking for that extended pressure range, greater temperature rating or a different connector fitting? Need something a little different from the standard products below? Contact us now with your requirement.

Featured products

NVE ACT001-10E

  • TMR isolated current sensor
  • Low current detection & measurement
  • On-chip current strap for precise operation
  • Linear range of −500mA to +500mA
  • Sensitivity of 0.04 V/V-mA
  • Ultraminiature DFN6 Package

Merit Sensor LP1420 Series

  • Digital compensated output surface mountable pressure sensor with J-leads
  • Suitable for ultra low pressure sensing applications
  • Designed for clean, dry air and non corrosive gases
  • Clock speed of 1MHz
  • Supply voltage of 5V
  • Sentium® technology developed to provide a best-in-class operating temperature range and superior stability

Coto RR132-1B13-351

  • Digital magnetic sensor
  • Supply voltage (Vdd) range between -0.3V to +6V
  • SOT-23-3 package
  • Omnipolar magnetic polarity response
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Coto RR122-1A23-511

  • TMR digital push-pull magnetic sensor
  • Frequency 10Hz
  • Supply voltage range between +1.7V to +5.5V
  • SOT-23-3 package
  • Omnipolar push-pull response
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
Please be advised that due to the ongoing supply issues with raw materials affecting the global electronics industry, as well as an increase in orders received by our manufacturing partners, a large number of products are facing increased lead times in recent months. For the latest lead time and stock availability, please contact one of our engineers who will be happy to discuss lead times further and the potential for alternative parts.