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About ​Metis Engineering Ltd

Metis Engineering Ltd provides a selection of commercial off the shelf electronics and sensors – ideal for Research and Development projects all the way through to mass production. With CAN bus communication, the sensors are ideal for the automotive industries and are emerging into the static energy storage markets with our popular safety product Cell Guard – offering next generation battery health monitoring above and beyond what is usually provided by a typical battery management system.

For their official website, please visit www.metisengineering.com

  • ​Metis Engineering Ltd
In order to quickly plug in and evaluate your Cell Guard sensor, use this Development Board which has all the necessary cables to plug into a CAN adaptor. Includes:
  • Cell Guard Development Board
  • Power Supply
  • Sensor Cables
  • DB9 Cable
  Cell Guard Sensor not included  
  • ​Metis Engineering Ltd
Cell Guard is a CAN-based environmental sensor for use with Battery Packs in Energy Storage Systems and Electric Vehicles. It measures absolute pressure, air temperature, VOCs, absolute humidity, relative humidity, dew point temperature, and shock load and duration. For quick desktop analysis, use alongside the Cell Guard Development Kit.
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