Pressure Unit Converter

This pressure unit converter is an efficient tool that facilitates the conversion of pressure measurements between various units. Upon entering a numerical value, users have the option to select from an array of units, including Bar, Millibar, Atmosphere, Pascal, Psi, and Torr. Once a unit is chosen and a value is inputted, the converter swiftly performs the calculation and displays the equivalent value in another selected unit. This tool is especially useful for professionals and students in fields requiring precise pressure measurements, providing quick and accurate conversions essential for various scientific and engineering applications.

0 bar
Here are a list of all conversions used in the above converter:
From/To Bar Millibar Atmosphere Pascal Psi Torr
Bar 1 1000 0.986923 100000 14.5038 750.062
Millibar 0.001 1 0.000986923 100 0.0145038 0.750062
Atmosphere 1.01325 1013.25 1 101325 14.6959 760
Pascal 0.00001 0.01 0.00000986923 1 0.000145038 0.00750062
Psi 0.0689476 68.9476 0.0680459 6894.76 1 51.7149
Torr 0.00133322 1.33322 0.00131579 133.322 0.0193368 1

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Rhopoint Components Pressure Sensor Range
Supplier Pressure Range Pressure Type Temperature Range Application
Paine Logo From ±500 to ±5000 PSID From 0 to 35,000 PSIA Differential & Absolute From −40 to +260°C (From −40 to +500°F) Automotive, Medical, Aviation, Aeronautics, Astronautics, Offshore, Subsea, Oil & Gas, Hydraulics, Temperature Monitoring, Geothermal & Power Generation

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Merit Sensors Logo From -15 to 1000 PSI From -30 to +300 mmHg (BP) Absolute, Differential & Gauge From −40 to +150°C (From −40 to +302°F) Aerospace, Airflow, Automotive, Aviation, Calibration & Medical

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