Engineering Calculators

Welcome to Rhopoint’s advanced calculator collection, expertly crafted to empower engineers and students with precise, user-friendly tools for complex calculations. At Rhopoint, we understand the intricate challenges faced daily in the engineering sector. Our calculators are designed to streamline these complex tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your projects.

Whether it’s for magnetic field calculations or unit conversions, our tools are invaluable in simplifying the decision-making process. They play a critical role in product selection, ensuring you choose components that perfectly match your specifications and project needs. Our calculators eliminate the guesswork, providing reliable data that guide you to the optimal choice.

Ohm’s Law Calculator

Calculates voltage, current, resistance and power using Ohm's Law and the relationships between them.

Heat Sink Size and Power Resistor Rating Calculators

Find the perfect heat sink size for your power resistor and calculate its maximum power rating with our precise and easy-to-use online calculators. Ideal for thermal management in electronics.

PPM to % Converter

Converter to easily change PPM (parts per million) to a percentage or the reverse.

Inrush Current Limiter Calculator

Calculates the energy rating of the circuit based on voltage and capacitance.

Pressure Unit Converter

Converter to easily convert values between Bar, PSI, Millibar, Atmosphere, Pascal and Torr.

Temperature Unit Converter

Convert between Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F) and Kelvin (K) in any combination.

Magnetic Unit Converter

Convert between Oersted (Oe), Gauss (G), Tesla (T), milliTesla (mT), Ampere per metre (A/m) and Ampere per centimetre (A/cm).

Flux Density Calculator

Calculates the magnetic field strength at a particular point given changing distances and different magnets.

Our advanced calculators are designed to significantly enhance your product selection process from our extensive range. By providing precise calculations and easy-to-understand data, these tools help you identify the most suitable components for your specific needs. They offer a streamlined approach to comparing specifications and performance metrics, ensuring that you make informed decisions with confidence. However, we understand that some decisions require a more personalized touch. That’s why we have experienced engineers readily available to assist you. Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge and insights, offering tailored advice and support to guide you through more complex selections. Whether you prefer the autonomy of using our calculators or seek the reassurance of expert advice, Rhopoint is committed to ensuring that your product selection process is seamless, accurate, and fully supported.

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