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About Rhopoint Instruments

Rhopoint Instruments is a UK based manufacturer of test equipment, primarily focussed on appearance quality. Originally a manufacturer of gloss meters, Rhopoint Instruments have since expanded their range to cover many other parameters of total surface quality including orange peel / DOI, haze, texture, defect analysis, shade and opacity.

Their handheld instruments are designed for use in both research & development and production environments in numerous industries including paints, coatings, automotive, yacht manufacturers, metal polishers, polished stone, smartphone, tablet PC and laptop covers, coil coaters, printing, graphics, powder coating, furniture and plastics.

In 2006 Rhopoint Instruments acquired the Hanatek range of packaging test equipment to provide manufacturers and users of packaging material with consistently faster packaging speeds.

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  • Rhopoint Instruments
  • Standard set of two leads for use with Rhopoint M210 Milliohm meter
  • 4-terminal input for greater accuracy (two crocodile clips with two terminals each)
  • Flexible length (1m supplied as standard)
  • Rhopoint Instruments
  • Portable milliohm meter
  • 4-terminal input for greater accuracy
  • Powered by a single 9V battery
  • Temperature range of +5°C up to +35°C
  • Includes a protective case and set of M210/9A spring clip connector leads
  • Supplied with UKAS calibration certificate
  • Rhopoint Instruments
  • Replacement carry case for the M210 Milliohm Meter
  • Black faux leather
  • 15cm(H) x 14.5cm(W) x 4.5cm(D)
  • Milliohm meter not included
  • Rhopoint Instruments
  • Optional non-standard set of two leads for use with Rhopoint M210 Milliohm meter
  • 4-terminal input for greater accuracy (one crocodile clip with two terminals and two test probes)
  • Flexible length (1m supplied as standard)
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