Precision Alloys

  • Isabellenhütte
  • ISAOHM® resistance alloy
  • High resistivity Nickel-Chromium (NiCr20AlSi)
  • Low-temperature coefficient
  • Low thermal EMF compared to Copper
  • High tensile strength
  • Temperature range of up to +250°C in free air
  • Isabellenhütte
  • ISOTAN® thermocouple alloy
  • Versatile Copper-Nickel alloy (CuNi44Mn1)
  • Low-temperature coefficient
  • High resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion
  • Suitable for resistance and thermoelectric applications including negative leads of thermocouple types J, L, T, U and E
  • Isabellenhütte
  • MANGANIN® resistance alloy
  • Copper-Manganese-Nickel alloy (CuMn12Ni)
  • Very low-temperature coefficient
  • Extremely low thermal EMF compared to Copper
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Industry-standard material for precision resistors and shunts


Looking for Precision Alloys?

Looking for Precision Alloys?

The below manufacturers are all of our authorised partners that produce Precision Alloys or related products.

Precision Alloys

Isabellenhütte may be better known to our customers as a specialist manufacturer of low ohmic resistors and shunts, but this manufacturer has primarily been involved in manufacturing of copper and nickel-based precision alloys for centuries. Well known within the electronic and electrical industry worldwide for their purity and quality, we are proud to be able to offer these alloys to the customers in the UK and Scandinavia, together with technical and commercial support.

As all alloys are molten from raw metals under strictly and continuously controlled conditions, Isabellenhütte are able to produce alloys in various forms and of tolerances and other properties specific to customers’ requirements, often exceeding the datasheet values.

Our range includes:

  • Resistance alloys with excellent long-term stability for current measurement applications such as in resistors and sensors
  • Thermal alloys for temperature measurement applications such as thermocouple materials, use in thermoelectric and compensating leads etc.
  • Joining alloys for high-temperature soldering offering excellent surface quality
  • Heating conductor alloys for heat-generating applications such as in heating cables and hoses (underfloor heating etc.)
  • Electrical conductivity recently developed ISA-CON alloy offering a combination of excelled electrical conductivity and mechanical strength ideal for electrical cables and fasteners used for electrical connections and terminations

For Rhopoint Components as a design-lead distributor, it has been especially exciting to work with a manufacturer who strives to be the market leader and continually works on developing new innovative alloys and improving the properties of the existing ones. Below are the current development activities for which Isabellenhütte are looking for pilot customers and applications. If any of these innovative technologies are of potential interest, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • ISA-CON Electrical conductivity alloy is now commercially available, however other versions are still under development to allow for an extended range of applications.
  • Thermoelectrics: Isabellenhütte is currently running an EU funded project on Thermo generators able to convert waste heat into electrical current, with possible applications in the automotive industry, energy improvement of CHP plants and use of heat transfer in annealing and melting processes.
  • Powder metallurgy: the existing alloys are being atomised into the powder form for use in metal injection molding, additive manufacturing and printing or application of a layer of resistive material in thick and thin-film technologies.

To discuss your project, please contact our dedicated technical team