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Introducing the NVE ACT001-10E TMR Isolated Current Sensor

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ACT001-10E X-Ray

Introducing the new ACT001-10E TMR Isolated Current Sensor from NVE. This is a high-sensitivity, inline analog TMR current sensor for AC or DC measurements.

The ACT001-10E is an ideal replacement for the recently discontinued NVE AAV003-10E GMR current censor.

The part is in an ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 mm DFN6 package with an integrated current strap. A Wheatstone bridge configuration provides a bipolar differential output proportional to the current through the strap

Key ACT001-10E specifications include:
ACT001-10E Block Diagram
  • ±500 mA linear range
  • 0.04 mV/V-mA sensitivity (typ.)
  • 0 to 14 V supply (no minimum)
  • Ratiometric output
  • Fully isolated
  • -40 to 125 °C temperature range
  • Ultraminiature 2.5 x 2.5 x 0.8 mm DFN6 package

Applications include:

  • AC and DC motor control
  • Power measurement
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Battery management systems

To compare these two products, please see the below table.

Package and pinout2.5 mm DFN62.5 mm DFN6;
pin-for-pin replacement
Bridge Resistance (min.)5.5 kΩ10 kΩ
Sensitivity (typ.)0.08 mV/V-mA0.04 mV/V-mA
Linear range±80 mA±500 mA
Bridge Electrical Offset (max.)±4 mV/V±2 mV/V
Bridge Supply Voltage (max.)24 V14 V
Isolation Voltage120 VRMS240 VRMS
On-Chip Current Strap Resistance0.35 Ω0.65 Ω
Operating Temperature−40 to 85 °C−40 to 150 °C
Production StatusDiscontinuedActive