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Isoloop® IL700 series devices by NVE Corporation achieve low power consumption from the manner by which they transmit data across the isolation barrier. By detecting the edge transitions of the input logic signal and converting these to narrow current pulses a magnetic field is created around the GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance) Wheatstone bridge. Since the current pulses are narrow the power consumption is independent of mark-to-space ratio and solely dependent on frequency. The calculator below calculates the current consumption of IsoLoop devices.

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The table below is a guide to the digital isolators using GMR technology that we have to offer. These include active input, bus transceivers, DC correct and passive input isolators:
NVE Digital Isolators
Part Series Channels Isolation range Mbps Range
NVE IL2 series 5 2.5kV – 6kV 110
NVE IL3 series RS422 or RS485 2.5kV – 6 kV 4 – 40
NVE IL4 series RS422, RS485 or CAN 2.5 kV 1 – 35
NVE IL5 series 1 – 4 1kV – 2.5kV 2
NVE IL6 Series 1 – 3 1kV – 2.5kV 10 – 100
NVE IL7 Series 1 – 5 1kV – 6 kV 110 – 150
NVE IL8 Series 2 – 4 2.5kV 110

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