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Rhopoint Komponenten is our new office and distribution centre in Gaukönigshofen, Germany

About Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH

Since the beginning, Rhopoint Components Ltd have endeavoured to offer the most advanced electronic component and sensor technologies into markets around the world.

To better support our European customers, Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH was founded. Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH provide specialist support and distribution of select product lines from our warehouse in Gaukönigshofen, Germany, just a few kilometres south of Wurzburg in Bavaria, bolstering the Rhopoint Components Ltd offering. Since it’s founding, Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH will serve all European customer with the exception of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark customers who are served by Rhopoint Nordic ApS.

For further information on Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH and their product offering, please visit www.rhopointkomponenten.de


Contact Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH

Rhopoint Komponenten GmbH
An der Kanzel 2
97253 Gaukönigshofen

Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 8:00am – 5:00pm
Fri: 8:30am – 2:00pm


At Rhopoint Komponenten, we provide a vast range of electronic components, sensors enclosures and other industrial electronic equipment. A large amount of our products can be fully customised to suit your requirements.

The SMK current sensing precision resistor series from Isabellenhütte offers the designer higher power ratings and low internal temperature rises due to the larger pad termination sizes.

The 5G10 Mini-Ohm axial wirewound precision resistor series from General Resistance offers ultra-precision and excellent long term stability over temperature and time, with a resistance range from 10Ω up to 200kΩ.

The RdF 29309 RTD temperature sensor series offers a small rugged design that allows the sensor to conform on curved surfaces for an accurate response in milliseconds.

The HVC High voltage chip resistor series from Exxelia Ohmcraft® offers voltage ratings from 150V, power ratings from 0.04W and a resistance range of 10kΩ up to 50GΩ, all in small surface mount packages.

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