Dedicated sales and technical support office in Vallensbæk, Denmark, covering Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

About Rhopoint Nordic

In order to support Rhopoint Component customers within the Nordic region, Rhopoint Nordic, a regional sales office, was opened in Vallensbæk, Denmark. This dedicated sales and technical support office has been an extension of Rhopoint Components since 2006 by looking after customers and enquiries from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


We are a specialist distributor of precision electronic components, sensors, and PCB connectors. Partnered with 20 industry-leading manufacturers from around the world, we offer an extensive range of standard lines, as well as fully customisable products to meet your requirements.

Contact Rhopoint Nordic

Rhopoint Nordic Aps.
Hyrdeengen 11
2625 Vallensbæk

phone: +45 4362 0794


At Rhopoint Nordic, we offer the same product lines and services as Rhopoint Components.  This includes a vast range of electronic components, various sensors as well as connectors, either from stock, on short lead times or products that can be fully customised to suit your requirements. The small selection below provides an idea of what we can provide.

Rhopoint M210 Milliohm Meter

Portable, low resistance digital milliohm meter designed to measure over the range 0.001Ω to 200Ω in increments of 0.001Ω, 0.01Ω and 0.1Ω.

General Resistance 8G16 Econistor

Wirewound resistor with ultra-precision and excellent long term stability over temperature and time boasting a resistance range from 1Ω up to 699kΩ.

Isabellenhütte A-H1

Through-hole heat sink mountable resistor with 4-terminal connection technology for current sensing applications measuring as low as 0.001Ω to 100Ω.

Cynergy3 OLS2 Optical Liquid Level Sensor

Low cost optical float switch liquid level sensor offering high reliability, single point liquid level detection within a -25°C to +80°C temperature range.

Isabellenhütte PBV Series

The PBV through-hole resistor series from Isabellenhütte offers 4-terminal connection technology for current sensing applications.

Weidmüller BUZ 10.16HP/180 Series

The BUZ 10.16HP/180 high power, female PCB plug in connector series from Weidmüller’s Omnimate power range has been designed with a conductor outlet direction of 180°.


With access to a vast array of products from 20 industry-leading manufacturers,  we have solutions for many applications and industries. With the majority of products having approvals or design attributes catering for key industries including the below.

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