Calculators and Converters

Here at Rhopoint, we are always looking for more ways to help our customers. We have put together some useful engineering calculators to help you with your day to day work and some possible solutions that we can provide.

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Ohm's Law Calculator


Calculates voltage, current, resistance and power using Ohm's Law and the relationships between them

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Heat Sink Size Calculator


Calculates the heat sink size for a given power dissipated in a resistor and ambient conditions

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PPM to % Converter


Converter to easily change PPM (parts per million) to a percentage or the reverse

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Maximum Resistor Power Calculator


Calculates the maximum power that a resistor can dissipate based on a given heat sink size and ambient conditions

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Inrush current limiters, digital isolators and transceivers

Inrush Current Limiter Calculator


Calculates the energy rating of the circuit based on voltage and capacitance

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Pulse Width Distortion Calculator


Calculates the pulse width distortion (PWD) of an IsoLoop® digital isolator based on the data rate

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Power Consumption Calculator


Calculates the power consumption of an IsoLoop® device based on the number of channels and operating frequency

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Pressure, temperature and magnetic sensors

Bar to PSI Converter


Converter to easily change Bar pressure into PSI (pounds per square inch) or the reverse

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Temperature Unit Converter


Convert between Celsius (°C), Fahrenheit (°F) and Kelvin (K) in any combination

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Magnetic Field Strength Converter


Convert between Oersted (Oe), Gauss (G), Tesla (T), milliTesla (mT), Ampere per metre (A/m) and Ampere per centimetre (A/cm)

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Flux Density Calculator


Calculates the magnetic field strength at a particular point given changing distances and different magnets

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