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  • Digital isolators and tranceivers

  • Pulse width distortion calculator The pulse width distortion of an Isoloop digital isolator is a function of the data rate. Simply enter your data rate and the resulting pulse width distortion is displayed.
  • Power consumption of IsoLoop isolators The power consumption of Isoloop devices is dependant on the number of gates per device and the speed at which they operate
  • Resistors

  • PPM / % calculator This calculator converts from ppm (parts per million) to percentage, and from percentage to ppm.  This is particularly useful when working out the total error contributed by a resistor.
  • Maximum resistor power for given heatsink This calculator enables the user to calculate the maximum power that a resistor can dissipate with a given heatsink size and ambient temperature.
  • Heatsink size calculator This calculator calculates the heatsink size for given resistor power and ambient conditions.
  • Inrush current limiters

  • Inrush current limiter energy calculator When designing a circuit that uses an inrush current limiter one of most important parameters is the energy rating of the circuit. This calculator helps determine this parameter.
  • Magnetic sensors

  • Flux Density Calculator for Plain Disc Magnets This calculator works out the magnetic field strength at a particular point given changing distances and different strength magnets.
  • Magnetic units calculator This calculator converts magnetic field strength units.
  • Pressure sensors

  • Bar/PSI pressure converter This calculator converts between pressure units.
  • Temperature sensors

  • Temperature conversion calculator This calculator converts between temperature units.