Caddock VMN Series

Caddock VMN Series

The VMN series from Caddock are transient tolerant voltage monitoring resistor networks, with a resistance range from 5kΩ to 4.99MΩ with a total resistance of 2MΩ or 5MΩ. These resistors have a ratio tolerance of ±0.02% or ±0.1%, the ratio TCR (from -40°C to +85°C) values are: ±5 ppm/°C and ±10 ppm/°C. The Caddock VMN series is manufactured with Tetrinox®, Caddock’s ultra-stable low-TC resistance film system. The Tetrinox® film system, combined with Caddock’s ceramic sandwich resistor network construction, provides outstanding long-term stability in industrial applications with electrical surges, transient conditions, and high humidity exposure.

  • Through-hole transient tolerant voltage monitoring resistor networks
  • Utilises Caddock's Tetrinox® resistance technology
  • Resistance values available 5kΩ, 10kΩ, 1.995MΩ and 4.990MΩ
  • Total resistance 2MΩ or 5MΩ
  • Ratio TCR (from -40°C to +85°C): ±5 ppm/°C and ±10 ppm/°C
  • Absolute TCR (from -40°C to +85°C): ±30 ppm/°C
  • Ratio tolerance of ±0.02% and ±0.01%
  • Absolute tolerance of ±1%

These transient tolerant voltage monitoring networks are designed for use in the voltage measurement circuits of

  • Power quality monitoring equipment
  • Kilowatt-hour meters
  • Other power and energy measurement equipment

The below table gives the specifications available for the complete VMN series:

Caddock VMN series Specifications

* Please see the datasheet for the specification notes.

Additional Features
  • Transient tolerant voltage monitoring through-hole resistor networks
  • Oustanding long term stability
  • Utilises Caddock's Tetrinox® resistance technology
Maximum Resistance R1 = 4.99MΩ down to 1.995MΩ
Minimum Resistance R2 = 10KΩ down to 5KΩ
TCR Absolute (from -40°C to +85°C):
  • ±30 ppm/°C
Ratio (from -40°C to +85°C):
  • ±5 ppm/°C
  • ±10 ppm/°C
Tolerance Absolute:
  • ±1%
  • ±0.02%
  • ±0.1%

This product is available fully compliant to the RoHS EU directive 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU

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