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Exxelia Ohmcraft Custom Resistors Help Ensure Speed and Accuracy of Automotive Electronics Testing

Image of a sunny car park full of post production cars

Before being sent off to dealerships for sale, vehicles are subject to a series of tests as part of their production process. Today’s cars contain more electronic devices than ever before in an attempt to keep pace with industry trends and customer demands. All of which must be tested accurately and at pace. For this purpose, manufacturers of automotive testing systems have relied on Exxelia Ohmcraft for more than 15 years as a leader in thick-film, high-voltage, high-precision resistor design and manufacturing.

“The automotive industry is rapidly changing and evolving, presenting manufacturers with not only new testing challenges, but the pressure to get their products into the market faster,”

Eric Van Wormer, Vice President of Exxelia Ohmcraft.

This type of automotive testing ensures that all of the vehicle’s electronic components meet the most stringent testing standards, screening out any faulty devices or malfunctions. Tests are often performed on multiple electronics simultaneously, increasing the complexity of these testing systems. Utilising Exxelia Ohmcraft precision low-noise chip resistors manufacturers and testers are able to perform with accuracy and reliability.

“By leveraging Exxelia Ohmcraft’s custom surface mount resistors, automotive testing manufacturers are able to help their customers—automobile companies—meet the demands of the industry.”

Eric Van Wormer, Vice President of Exxelia Ohmcraft.

Exxelia Ohmcraft’s technology utilises the proprietary Micropen electronic printing system to “print” precise, narrow, serpentine lines with resistive ink on a ceramic substrate, producing higher performance resistors over a wider range of values on a smaller surface area than is possible with conventional film resistor technology.