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BVgss (min) V

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Vgso (min) V

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Rdson (max) Ω

En (typ) nV/√Hz

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Crss (max) pF


  • Compliant
2N4857 Series Products
 Product namePackage / SizeIndustry Standard P/NGeometry TypePolarityBVgss (min) VIgss (typ) pAVgso (min) VVgso (max) VIdss (min) mAIdss (max) mARdson (max) ΩEn (typ) nV/√HzCiss (max) pFCrss (max) pFDatasheetAdd to enquiry
InterFET Product Image (SOT-23) SMP4856SOT-232N4856N0132SN-Channel-40-4-4-1050 251.2188 Add to Enquiry
InterFET Product Image (TO-18) 2N4856TO-182N4856N0132SN-Channel-40-4-4-1050 251.2188 Add to Enquiry
InterFET Product Image (TO-18) 2N4857TO-182N4857N0132SN-Channel-40-4-2-620100401.2188 Add to Enquiry
InterFET Product Image (TO-18) 2N4858TO-182N4858N0132SN-Channel-40-4-0.84880601.2188 Add to Enquiry

Supporting Manufacturer Information

  • InterFET
InterFET Product Image (TO-18)


Please be advised that due to the ongoing supply issues with raw materials affecting the global electronics industry, as well as an increase in orders received by our manufacturing partners, a large number of products are facing increased lead times in recent months. For the latest lead time and stock availability, please contact one of our engineers who will be happy to discuss lead times further and the potential for alternative parts.