Emerson Paine™ 310-38-0050 Series

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Product Features

  • Ultra miniature high pressure transducer
  • Designed for harsh environments
  • Drift less than 0.05% of full scale over 60 days
  • Output at zero pressure of 0.1 mv/v ±0.01 mv/v at 75°F or 23°C
  • Customisable transducer options available for fit-for-use designs


Providing critical, real-time data, the Paine™ 310-38-0050 high pressure transducer series from Emerson offers ultra-miniature, high precision measurement devices. This compact, yet durable, transducer series is specifically designed for harsh environments, including applications with extreme down-hole high cycle with a high pressure range of 0 – 25000 PSIA and high temperatures of up to +218°C. Emerson’s Paine™ 310-38-0050 transducer is engineered for measurement accuracy and the enhanced real-time data of these sensors allows for improved production efficiency.

  • Ultra miniature pressure transducer
  • Pressure ranges available from 0 – 5,000 PSIA up to 0 – 25,000 PSIA
  • Temperature range −40°C to +218°C
  • Drift less than ±0.05% of full scale over 60 days
  • A total error band of less than ±0.01%
  • Accuracy of 0.025% full scale
  • Output of mV/V
  • Process media is compatible with alloy UNS NO7718 solution annealed and aged to a minimum hardness of 40HRC Inconel® 718
  • Ultra-Miniature 0.37 in (0.93 cm) diameter design provides a compact and narrow form factor to meet installation requirements
  • Engineered to withstand the harsh environments of high cycle, high pressure and high temperature applications
  • Precise, real-time data optimizes production parameters
  • Customisation options available for fit-for-use designs


The Paine™ 310-38-0050 additional features:-

  • Downhole tools (MWD, LWD, wireline and more)
  • Artificial lift and subsea risers
  • Subsea hydraulic controls


Please see the below pressure table for the Paine™ 310-38-0050 series, which includes details on standard products available as well as proof and burst pressure ratings:

Paine 310-38-0050 Specifications


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Weight 0.00000 kg
Dimensions 1.50 x 0.00 x 0.37mm


Pressure Range

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Process Media

Series / Model

Temperature Range (°C)

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Emerson Paine™ 310-38-0050 high pressure transducer series datasheet
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