Emerson Paine™ 220-30-020 Series

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Product Features

  • Subsea pressure and temperature transmitter
  • Fully submersible transmitter designed for remote subsea systems for pressure and temperature measurement
  • Resolution of 16 bits minimum (0.08 PSI for 5,000 PSI Full Scale) with digital CANopen® Accuracy
  • Customisable transmitter options available for fit-for-use designs


As a fully submersible device, the Paine™ 220-30-020 subsea pressure and temperature transmitter from Emerson is a reliable solution for pressure and temperature measurement in remote subsea systems. Offering pressure ranges of up to 15,000 PSIA and temperature measurements between -4°C up to +60°C, Emerson’s Paine™ transmitter also features digital measurement accuracy and utilises the industry-standard CANopen® digital subsea instrumentation interface. With an all-welded design, this transmitter offers long-term subsea operation and meets the requirements of API 17F / ISO 13628-6 and CiA® 443 (SIIS level-2 device).

  • Subsea pressure and temperature transmitter
  • Pressure ranges available up to 0 – 15,000 PSIA (0 to 1034 BAR)
  • Temperature range −4°C to +60°C
  • Resolution of 16 bits minimum (0.08 PSI for 5,000 PSI full scale)
  • Intelligent CANopen® digital subsea instrumentation interface delivers high resolution and reliability
  • Accuracy of 0.1%
  • Output CANopen® fault tolerant
  • Features micro subconn® MCBH4F subsea connector and all welded construction
  • Meets API 17F / ISO 13628-6 and CIA 443 (SIIS Level 2 device) requirements
  • Engineered with ⅜ inch female autoclave port fitting to meet industry-standard application requirements
  • Transmitter designed for consistent performance and digital measurement accuracy
  • Customisation options available for fit-for-use designs


Potential applications for the Paine™ 220-30-020 series include:

  • Subsea production & controls systems
  • Remote / extreme pressure monitoring
  • Corrosive environment pressure monitoring
  • Submersible subsea applications
  • ROV’s & AUV’s
  • Subsea valves and manifolds


Please see the below pressure table for the Paine™ 220-30-020 series, which includes details on standard products available as well as proof and burst pressure ratings:

Paine 220-30-020 Specifications


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Weight 0.00000 kg
Dimensions 5.90 x 0.00 x 1.06mm


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Emerson Paine 220-30-020 Series Technical Library

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Emerson Paine™ 220-30-020 Subsea pressure and temperature transmitter series datasheet
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Emerson Paine™ 220-30-020 Series

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