Weight 16.50000 kg
Dimensions 16.00 x 29.60 x 49.40mm
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RARA FRH 25C Series Products
 Product nameSKUDimensionsProduct TypePower RatingMinimum ResistanceMaximum ResistanceToleranceTemperature CoefficientFilling MaterialDatasheetAdd to enquiry
RARA FRH 25CFRH25C16.00 x 29.60 x 49.40mmThick Film, Resistor5W, 15W1kΩ2MΩ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%±200 ppm/°C Cement Add to Enquiry
RARA FRH 50CRARA FRH 50C16.00 x 29.60 x 70.80mmThick Film, Resistor8W, 25W1kΩ2MΩ±1%, ±2%, ±5%, ±10%±200 ppm/°C Cement Add to Enquiry

FRH Series Description

The FRH series from RARA are metal clad thick film resistors with an aluminium housing covering cement moulding. These resistors offers a power rating of 15W or 25W on a suitable heat sink and 5W or 8W  in free air depending on the model. The available resistance values range between 1kΩ and 2MΩ (non-inductive design). These high power resistors are available with tolerances of ±1%, ±2%, ±5% and ±10% and a minimum ohmic value of 1kΩ. FRH resistors have an operating temperature of -55°C to +250°C. Derating is required for reduced  chassis mounting area and for high ambient temperatures.

  • Metal clad thick film resistor
  • Resistance range available between 1kΩ and 2MΩ
  • TCR of ±200 ppm/°C
  • Tolerances of ±1%, ±2%, ±5% and ±10% available
  • 25C Power rating of 15W on a heat sink or 5W in free air
  • 50C Power rating of 25W on a heat sink or 8W in free air
  • Insulation resistance of 20MΩ minimum
  • Temperature range between -55°C and +250°C
  • High stability at conventional power ratings
  • Short time overload of 2 x power rating for 5 seconds

RARA Electronics Corporation is a renowned manufacturer specialising in industrial and braking resistors. They provide high-quality, durable resistors for various industrial applications, including power generation, transport, and renewable energy sectors, ensuring reliability and efficiency in demanding operational environments. Their products are known for performance and customisation options. Please visit www.raraohm.com for more information.

RARA FRH 25C Ordering Info

Below is the model number configuration for the FRH series from RARA.
Ordering example: FRH25C22500J

Model Number (FRHXX)


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Inductive or Non Inductive (X)

Non Inductive

Resistance Value (XXXXXXX)

Resistance value expressed in ohms, for example 220.5KΩ or 2MΩ.

Tolerance (X)


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Please be advised that due to the ongoing supply issues with raw materials affecting the global electronics industry, as well as an increase in orders received by our manufacturing partners, a large number of products are facing increased lead times in recent months. For the latest lead time and stock availability, please contact one of our engineers who will be happy to discuss lead times further and the potential for alternative parts.