Alpha HC Series

  • Alpha Electronics

Product Features

  • Ultra-precision hermetically sealed resistor
  • Resistance range form 1Ω to 120kΩ
  • Tolerance from ±0.005% to ±1%
  • TCR from ±1 ppm/°C to ±15 ppm/°C
  • Power rating of 0.3W (at 125°C)
  • Temperature range from -65°C up to +150°C


The HC Ultra-precision through-hole resistor series from Alpha Electronics offers their extremely precise resistor capabilities in a hermetically sealed package. With a resistance range from 1Ω up to 120kΩ all in a small through-hole package with a pin pitch of 3.81mm ±0.25mm. By utilising Alpha’s Bulk Metal® foil resistor technology, they are able to produce resistors with low-temperature coefficients and excellent long-term stability. The Alpha Electronics HC series have been designed with longer leads to ensure the correct clearance from the PCB is achieved when soldering. It is advised that the resistors are kept over 10mm away from the board surface by using an insulating tube.

  • Ultra-precision hermetically sealed resistor
  • Through-hole package with a pin pitch of 3.81mm ±0.25mm
  • Resistance values between 1Ω and 120kΩ
  • Tolerance options as low as ±0.005%
  • TCR between ±1 ppm/°C and ±15 ppm/°C (dependant on resistance values and temperature)
  • Temperature range from -65°C up to +150°C
  • Maximum working voltage of 300V
  • Power rating of 0.3W (at +125°C)


Typical applications for the HC Ultra-precision through-hole resistor series include:

  • Sceintific instrumentation
  • Test & Measurement equipment
  • Oil & Gas Applications

Alpha Electronics HC Series Specification Table

Resistance value1Ω to 120kΩ
Tolerance±0.005% to ±1%
TCR±1ppm/°C to ±15ppm/°C
Temperature range-65°C to +150°C
Power rating (at 125°C)0.3W
Maximum voltage300V

Alpha Electronics are manufacturers of some of the most stable and precise resistors on the market. As part of the VPG Foil Resistors product group, the Alpha Electronics brand is globally rewarded for the accuracy and reliability of its Bulk Metal® Foil technology resistors. Alpha Electronics has been living the conviction globally known to engineers for consistently delivering the highly desirable characteristics of “Stability, Accuracy and Reliability”. Please visit for more information.