Alpha PB Series

  • Alpha Electronics

Product Features

  • Ultra-precision power resistor
  • Resistance range form 0.4Ω to 50kΩ
  • Tolerance from ±0.02% to ±5%
  • TCR of ±2.5 ppm/°C, ±5 ppm/°C or ±15 ppm/°C
  • Power rating of upto 10W (on a heat sink at 125°C)
  • Temperature range from -55°C up to +155°C


The PB ultra-precision through-hole power resistor series from Alpha Electronics offers a power rating of up to 10W on a heat sink using the mounting tabs provided or 2W in free air (at 25°C) with a wide resistance range from 0.4Ω to 50kΩ. By utilising Alpha’s Bulk Metal® foil resistor technology, they are able to offer low temperature coefficients down to ±2.5 ppm/°C between the resistance range 1Ω and 50kΩ as well as tight tolerances down to ±0.01% between 50Ω and 50kΩ.

  • Ultra-precision through-hole power resistor
  • Each resistor is available in any resistance between 0.4Ω and 50kΩ
  • 2-Terminal through-hole case-encapsulated package with heat sink mounting
  • Power rating of 10W on a heat sink or 2W in free air at +25°C
  • Tight tolerances as low as ±0.01% available between 50Ω and 50kΩ
  • Tight TCR available of ±2.5 ppm/°C between 1Ω and 50kΩ
  • Maximum working voltage of 750V
  • Maximum working current of 5A
  • Maximum rated operating temperature +25°C
  • Temperature range from -55°C up to +155°C


The PB case-encapsulated, through-hole, ultra-precision power resistor series exhibits excellent high frequency characteristics thanks to Alpha’s Bulk Metal® foil resistor technology, making them suitable for the most demanding precision and high power applications.

Pin pitch for the Alpha PB series is 15.0 ±0.5mm.


The below table gives the full specifications for each resistor model available including the Alpha PB series:

Alpha PB Specifications
* Symbols parenthesized are for part number composition
✝ Resistance figures for type PB are the values obtained by measuring the leads at point 12.7±3.2mm away from the root, but in case of resistance value below 10Ω, the values at 5.08 ±0.6mm away
** For heat sinking, an aluminium chassis in 152.4 (L) x 101.6 (W) x 50.8 (H) x 1.0mm (T) shall be used