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NVE’s new bipolar output bridge magnetic sensor hits the UK market

NVE TDFN6 package image
NVE TDFN6 package image
ALT025 TDFN6 package example

Traditionally an exhibition week for the sensor industry with Sensor Expo and Sensor+Test currently under way brings exciting news from our manufacturing partner NVE Corporation. Their new ALT025 analog bridge sensor with bipolar output was introduced yesterday in San Jose, offering a major advantage to other magnetic sensors – its ability to recognise positive and negative fields.

This TMR sensor is therefore ideal for applications in current sensing and proximity sensing where AC waveforms are expected, or where the signal changes sign, such as in motion, speed and position control, mechatronics and robotics.

The ALT025 showcases NVE’s passion and expertise in utilising Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology. The sensor is able to handle extraordinary amount of signal (typically 20mV/V/mT) and offer a wide linear range. It is available in an ultraminiature TDFN6 package with operating temperature as high as 125°C.

Bipolar output ALT025 Sensor Graph
Bipolar output ALT025 Sensor

The ALT025 is now available to the UK market from Rhopoint Components – contact us, or click here to find out more.