Susumu PBV1632S Series

  • Susumu

Product Features

  • Surface-mount thermo-variable chip attenuator
  • Temperature range of −40°C to +100°C
  • Resistive construction allows operation in a wide frequency range


The PBV1632S series are thin film thermo-variable chip attenuators from Susumu are used for temperature drift compensation which provides an elegant solution to compensate for GaAs amplifier temperature drift, enabling the designer to discard the use of an automatic gain control (AGC) circuit on their PCB. The Susumu PBV series of thermo-variable attenuator offers an attenuation which varies with temperature, making it an ideal solution for correcting gain shift from temperature fluctuations with GaAs amplifiers.

  • Surface-mount thin film thermo-variable chip attenuator
  • Attenuation values range from 1dB ∼ 10dB and 16dB
  • Attenuation tolerance of ±0.5dB (@25°C, no load)
  • Impedance value of 50Ω
  • Operating frequency of DC∼3GHz
  • Rated power of 0.1W
  • Chip size of 1206
  • Temperature range is −40°C to +100°C


Susumu PBV1632S series thin film thermo-variable chip attenuator are ideal for the following applications:

  • Mobile phone base station
  • Wireless remote controller


The below table gives the full specifications of the Susumu P*V series including the PBV1632S, please see the datasheet for the Thermo Sensitive characteristics in the Technical Library tab.

Susumu PBV1632S Specifications