NVE AHT923-01

  • NVE

Product Features

  • Low voltage, nanopower TMR digital switch
  • In-plane direction of sensitivity
  • Omnipolar – output is activated if magnetic field of either polarity is applied
  • Continuous operation for low noise and high-speed
  • Ultrasensitive operate point, as low as 3.2mT


  • Power Control
  • Scientific Instrumentation
  • Test and Measurement
  • Compliant


The revolutionary AHT923-01 TMR magnetic bare die digital switch from NVE combines low voltage, nanopower and high speed, designed for continuous operation for low noise and high speed applications. It utilises Tunneling Magnetoresonance (TMR) technology and features low supply voltage of 0.9 – 1.8V for single-cell operation, the lowest quiescent current available in a continuous-duty solid state magnetic switch of 1μA typical and sensitive and extremely stable operate points as low as 3.2mT. These sensor devices have the output configured as a “switch” – the output turns on when the magnetic field of any polarity is applied and turned off when the magnetic field is removed. The AHT923-01 digital switches are supplied in a bare die package size 0.6×0.6mm.

  • Low voltage, nanopower TMR digital switch
  • Omnipolar magnetic switch with output turning on when magnetic field is applied
  • 0.9 – 1.8V operating voltage for single-cell operation
  • Quiescent current as low as 1μA typical
  • Continuous operation for low noise and high speed
  • Operate points offering sensitivity as low as 3.2mT, and stability over supply voltage and temperature
  • Temperature range of −40°C to +85°C

Typical applications for the AHT series include:

  • Single-cell battery or harvested power applications
  • Gas and water meters
  • Portable instruments
  • Wearable electronics
  • High speed limit switches
  • Mechatronics
  • Linear and rotary actuation systems

The below table gives the full specifications of the NVE AHT digital TMR switches, including AHT923-01:

NVE AHT Series Specifications


Weight 0.00100 kg
Dimensions 0.40 x 0.60 x 0.60mm
Series / Model

Temperature Range (°C)

Supply Voltage

Package / Size

AHT923-01 Image Issue

Please note that the product image is a representation of the ULLGA packaged digital switch mounted onto a test board. The part will be supplied as a bare die.

NVE AHT Series Technical Library

We are pleased to provide you with a range of additional content including videos, product datasheets, case studies, white papers and application notes for your reference. Please see below for the latest content available:



NVE AHT digital TMR switch series datasheet
Package, tape-and-reel and pad layout specifications
Power supply bypass capacitor selection
Pb free and S-Pb solder profiles
Diametrically-Magnetised Magnets – Perfect for magnetic angle & rotation sensing
Glossary terms

NVE AHT923-01

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