NVE ALT025 TMR bipolar bridge sensor

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Product Features

  • Analog TMR bridge sensor
  • Revolutionary bipolar differential output
  • Large signals, typically 20 mV/V/mT
  • Linear range of ±10 mT (±100 Oe)
  • Ultra-low temperature coefficient of output (±0.1 %/°C)



The new revolutionary ALT025 analog bipolar bridge sensor by NVE utilises Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) to achieve extraordinary amount of signal (typically 20mV/V/mT) and linear range (±10 mT (±100 Oe)). Unlike other magnetic sensors, the ALT025 is able to recognize positive and negative field (South and North pole) and change the output sign accordingly, making it ideal for current sensing and proximity sensing applications where AC waveforms are expected or where the signal changes sign. The bridge signals in ALT025 are stable over the temperature range from -40°C to +125°C and the sensor is available in a miniature TDFN6 package.

  • Analog TMR differential bridge sensor
  • Bipolar output – able to recognise positive and negative field and changes the output sign accordingly
  • Capable of handling large signals, typically 20 mV/V/mT
  • Linear range of ±10 mT (±100 Oe)
  • Ultra-low temperature coefficient of output (±0.1 %/°C)
  • Operating temperature range of −40°C to +125°C
  • Up to 300 kHz frequency bandwidth
  • 20 kΩ typ. device resistance for low power
  • Ultraminiature TDFN6 package

ASR002 sensors feature Wheatstone bridge configuration, allowing them to operate as purely ratiometric devices; operating at extremely low supply voltages, their output signal is proportional to the supply voltage.

Typical applications for the ALT025 series include:

  • Motion, speed, and position control
  • Non-contact current sensing
  • Mechatronics and robotics

The below table gives the full specifications of the NVE ALT025 analog TMR bridge sensor:

NVE ALT025 Specifications


Weight 0.05500 kg
Dimensions 2.50 × 2.50 × 0.80 mm
Additional Features

Temperature Range (°C)

Supply Voltage

Package / Size

RoHS Compliant Product – NVE

This product is available fully compliant to the RoHS EU directive 2011/65/EU.

NVE ALT025 Series technical library

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NVE ALT025 Analog Bridge Sensor Datasheet
NVE Announcement of the new ALT025 TMR sensor
Package, tape-and-reel and pad layout specifications
Power supply bypass capacitor selection
Pb free and S-Pb solder profiles
Diametrically-Magnetised Magnets – Perfect for magnetic angle & rotation sensing
Glossary terms

NVE ALT025 TMR bipolar bridge sensor

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