Caddock CC2520FC Series

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Product Features

  • Low resistance precision flip-chip surface-mount resistor
  • 2-terminal current sense resistor with recommended 4-terminal PCB layout
  • Chip size of 2520
  • Solder coated pads between 0.01Ω and 0.02Ω, solderable pads between 0.025Ω and 10Ω
  • Inductance of less than 5nH typical
  • Maximum chip temperature of +150°C
  • Temperature range of -55°C to +150°C


The CC2520FC low resistance precision flip-chip surface-mount resistor series from Caddock offers resistance values from as low as 0.01Ω up to 10Ω making it ideal for current sensing applications. The CC2520FC series features low inductance of 5nH (typical) which provides excellent high frequency and pulse response, with high pulse handling and overload capabilities. For general applications, the CC2520FC series has a power rating of 1.5W (at +70°C).

  • Low resistance precision flip-chip resistor
  • Flip-chip version for surface-mount applications (FC)
  • 2520 chip size
  • Resistance values from 0.01Ω to 10Ω
  • Bare ceramic back surface
  • High pulse handling and overload capabilities
  • Low inductance of 5nH (typical) provides excellent high frequency and pulse response
  • Tolerances from as low as ±1.0% up to ±5.0% (resistance value dependent)
  • TCR from as low as -20 to +80 ppm/°C (resistance values of 0.5Ω and above)
  • Temperature range from -55°C up to +150°C


The CC2520FC series from Caddock is the best choice for switching power supplies, motor speed controls and high current sensing applications.

Thermal resistance is provided for the CC2520FC series to optimise high power designs when utilising higher thermal conductivity circuit board substrates such as IMS or Alumina. Please see datasheet for further details.

The recommended solders for flip-chip solder attachment are Sn (62) / Pb (36) / Ag (2), Sn (96.5) / Ag (3.5), or standard Sn / Ag / Cu solder alloys.


The below table gives the available specifications for the complete CC FC series including the CC2520FC:

Caddock CC FC Specifications
Please see datasheet for notes relating to the power capabilities. 


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Weight 0.00000 kg
Dimensions 1.04 x 5.08 x 6.35mm
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