Isabellenhütte BAS Series

  • Isabellenhütte

Product Features

  • Shunt resistor
  • 8420 package size
  • Resistance range from 35µΩ to 500µΩ
  • Tolerance of ±5.0%
  • TCR from <±50 ppm/°C
  • Power rating of 36W
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +170°C
  • Automotive


The BAS current sensing precision shunt resistor series from Isabellenhütte, designed for battery management systems or welding equipment. This shunt resistor offers low resistance value options from 0.000035Ω to 0.0005Ω. The BAS series is available with tinned or untinned terminals and a continuous load up to 350A (100µΩ). All of this is based on a package size of 8420.

  • Shunt resistor
  • Bolt down design with a maximum fastening torque 10Nm
  • Resistance values from 35µΩ to 500µΩ
  • Tolerance of ±5.0%
  • TCR from <±50 ppm/°C (+20°C to +60°C)
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +170°C
  • Power rating of up to 36W
  • Inductance of <3nH
  • Available with tinned or untinned terminals
  • 8420 package size
  • AEC-Q200 qualified option available
  • Further versions with various dimensions upon request


Typical applications for the BAS current sensing precision shunt resistor series include:

  • Current sensor for electronic battery management in cars, trucks, forklifts and other hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Current sensing in bus bars
  • Current sensing in welding equipment

Isabellenhütte BAS Series Specification Table

Product CodeResistanceToleranceTCRPower ratingInternal heat resistanceMaterial Type
BAS-Z-R0000350.035mΩ±5%<±100 ppm/°C30W (P140°C)1°C/W (Rthi)ZERANIN®
BAS-M-R000050.05mΩ±5%<±100 ppm/°C20W (P140°C)1.5°C/W (Rthi)ZERANIN®
BAS-M-R00010.1mΩ±5%<±50 ppm/°C15W (P140°C)2°C/W (Rthi)ZERANIN®
BAS-M-R00020.2mΩ±5%<±50 ppm/°C10W (P140°C)3°C/W (Rthi)MANGANIN®
BAS-M-R00050.5mΩ±5%<±50 ppm/°C4W (P140°C)7°C/W (Rthi)MANGANIN®

Isabellenhütte is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality precision and power resistors. They produce these low-resistance resistors for a variety of applications such as the ones above. Isabellenhütte & Rhopoint Components are your ideal partners when it comes to achieving the best possible measurement results in the smallest spaces. Please visit for more information.