Caddock MP821 Series

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Product Features

  • TO-220 style power through-hole resistor
  • Metal mounting tab
  • Non-inductive design
  • Constructed with Caddock’s Micronox® resistance film technology
  • Operation up to +175°C case temperature
  • Resistor element is electrically isolated from the mounting surface


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The MP821 Kool-Pak® power film resistors from Caddock offers a resistance range from 0.02Ω up to 9.99Ω and a power rating of up to 20W at +25°C case temperature derated to zero at +175°C. The MP821 series tolerance is ±1.0% as standard (±0.5%, ±2.0%, ±5.0%, ±10.0% and ±20.0% are available for most resistance values). The MP821 Kool-Tab® power film resistors are constructed with Caddock’s Micronox® resistance film fired onto a flat ceramic substrate which is thermally bonded to the copper heat sink tab. The resistor body is then moulded with a high temperature moulding compound to finish the metal tab TO-220 package. The lead wire attachment and resistance element geometry are configured to provide outstanding non-inductive performance.

  • Kool-Pak® power film through-hole resistor
  • Resistance values available between 0.02Ω and 9.99Ω
  • Metal heat sink mounting tab
  • Non-inductive design for high speed switching, snubbers and RF applications
  • TCR of 0 to +300 ppm/°C (between 0.02Ω and 0.049Ω), 0 to +200 ppm/°C (between 0.05Ω and 0.49Ω), -20 to +80 ppm/°C (from 0.5Ω up to 4.99Ω) and-20 to +50 ppm/°C (from 5Ω and above)
  • Tolerance of ±1.0% as standard (±0.5%, ±2.0%, ±5.0%, ±10.0% and ±20.0% are available for most resistance values)
  • Power rating of up to 20W at +25°C case temperature derated to zero at +175°C
  • Resistor element is electrically isolated from the mounting surface


Use your thermal design experience with power semiconductors in TO-220 style power packages to help you get the most out of this unique family of power resistors. The thermal design issues are the same where power handling capability is based on the case temperature which is maintained in your design.


The below table gives the specifications available for the complete MP800 resistor series including the MP821:

Caddock MP821 Specifications
* Please see the datasheet for the derating curve.


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Weight 0.00000 kg
Dimensions 14.73 x 4.45 x 10.16mm
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Caddock MP821 Series

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