Isabellenhütte SMP Series

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Product Features

  • Current sensing precision resistor
  • 2-terminal surface-mount design in a 2010 chip size
  • Resistance range from 0.005Ω to 1Ω
  • Tolerances of ±0.5% or ±1%
  • TCR of <50 ppm/°C
  • Power rating of 3W (at +70°C)
  • Temperature range -65°C to +170°C
  • Automotive


The SMP Current sensing precision resistor series from Isabellenhütte offers the designer higher power ratings and low internal temperature rises due to the larger pad termination sizes. The MANGANIN® alloy resistance element has a resistance range of 0.005Ω to 1Ω, TC of below 50 ppm/°C over the temperature range of +20°C to +60°C and offers excellent long term stability. The SMP model offers these capabilities in a 2010 chip size.

  • Current sensing precision resistor
  • 2-terminal surface-mount design in a 2010 chip size
  • Resistance values of 0.005Ω to 1Ω
  • Tolerances of ±0.5% and ±1%
  • TCR of <±50 ppm/°C (+20°C to +60°C)
  • Power rating of 3W (at +70°C)
  • Constant current up to 24A (0.005Ω)
  • Temperature range from -65°C to +170°C
  • Inductance of <3nH
  • Stability of <0.5% (TK=80°C) / <1% (TK=110°C) (at rated power, deviation after 2000h)
  • Dielectric withstanding voltage of 200V AC/DC
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


Typical applications for the SMP current sensing precision resistor series include:

  • Current sensor for power hybrid applications
  • Control systems for the automotive market
  • Power modules
  • Frequency converters
  • Switch mode power supplies

Isabellenhütte SMP Series Specification Table

Resistance value *5mΩ to 1Ω
Tolerance *±0.5% / ±1%
TCR<50ppm/°C (20-60°C)
Temperature range-65°C to +170°C
Power rating (P70°C)3W
Power rating (P110°C)2W
Internal heat resistance<30°C/W (Rthi)
Stability (deviation after 2000hrs)<0.5% (Tᴋ = 80°C) / <1% (Tk=110 °C)
Tᴋ = Terminal Temperature

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