General Resistance 8G16 Econistor Series

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Product Features

  • Wirewound axial leaded precision resistor
  • Resistance range from 1Ω up to 699kΩ
  • Tight tolerances of ±0.01% and ±0.1%
  • TCR of ±5 ppm/°C
  • Power rating from 0.33W (8G16D model)
  • Temperature range from -55°C up to +160°C


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  • Test and Measurement
  • Compliant


The 8G16 Econistor axial wirewound precision resistor series from General Resistance offers ultra-precision and excellent long term stability over temperature and time, with a resistance range from 1Ω up to 699kΩ. The 8G16 Econistor series utilises the highest quality copper alloy drawn from melts of known resistivity and controlled temperature coefficients. The windings are balanced multiple π for low reactance. Together these enable the 8G16 Econistor series to have excellent noise levels and lower TCR of ±5 ppm/°C maximum (from -55°C and +125°C).

  • Wirewound axial leaded precision resistor
  • Available in any resistance between 1Ω and 699kΩ including custom values
  • Stocked in many standard resistors and RTD simulation values here at Rhopoint Components
  • Wire gauge of 20AWG (0.6mm)
  • Excellent stability of ±35ppm/yr
  • Noise levels so small they are immeasurable
  • Tight tolerance options of ±0.01% (A) and ±0.1% (D) available for the full resistance range
  • TCR of ±5 ppm/°C maximum (from -55°C and +125°C)
  • Maximum working voltage of 200V
  • Power rating of 0.33W (at +85°C, 8G16D model) or ≈0.2W (at +85°C, 8G16A model)
  • Maximum rated operating temperature +85°C
  • Temperature range from -55°C up to +160°C


The 8G16 Econistor axial wirewound precision resistor series is the ideal solution for test and measurement applications including RTD temperature simulation resistors and test and calibration equipment. We stock 21 Pt100 simulation resistance values as standard here at Rhopoint Components, with temperatures from -100°C up to +400°C.

Any custom resistance value between 1Ω and 699kΩ can be produced, with a low minimum order requirement of 10 pcs for non-standard parts, including additional RTD simulation values that are not standard stocked items (30 pc minimum order quantity for standard parts, where they are not stocked).


General Resistance 8G16 / 8E16 Econistor Series Specification Table

Resistance value1Ω to 699kΩ
Tolerance *±0.01% / ±0.1%
TCR±5ppm/°C (-55 to +125°C)
Temperature range-55°C to +160°C
Power rating0.33W (±0.1%) / 0.2W (±0.01%)
Maximum Voltage200VDC (or AC peak)
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage1000Vrms (typical)
Wire Gauge **22 AWG / 0.6mm

* For other tolerances, please contact us
** All leads are tinned copper


The General Resistance ultra-precision wirewound resistors have been used for over 50 years in precision measurement instruments by manufacturers around the world and should be specified whenever precision circuit operation is to be maintained over a prolonged period of time. Please visit for more information on the General Resistance product line.


Dimensions 12.70 × 6.40 mm
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General Resistance 8G16 Econistor Series Ordering Info

The 8G16 Econistor resistor series from General Resistance is available with any custom resistance value between the range of 1Ω and 699kΩ in ±0.1% or ±0.01% tolerances. The information below gives an example of the part numbering system used for these resistors and some standard options we currently hold in stock.

General Resistance 8G16 Econistor Series – Part Number Break Down

General Resistance 8G16 Ordering Info

General Resistance 8G16 Econistor Series – Standard Resistance Values and Tolerances

Resistance Value Part Number Value 0.01% Tolerance 0.1% Tolerance
10Ω 10R
20Ω 20R
30Ω 30R
40Ω 40R
50Ω 50R
60Ω 60R
60.25Ω 60R25
62.5Ω 62R5
70Ω 70R
80Ω 80R
84.27Ω 84R27
90Ω 90R
92.16Ω 92R16
100Ω 100R
103.9Ω 103R9
107.79Ω 107R79
109.73Ω 109R73
111.67Ω 111R67
115.54Ω 115R54
119.4Ω 119R4
120Ω 120R
123.24Ω 123R24
125Ω 125R
127.07Ω 127R07
130.89Ω 130R89
134.7Ω 134R7
138.5Ω 138R5
150Ω 150R
157.31Ω 157R31
175.84Ω 175R84
180Ω 180R
194.07Ω 194R07
200Ω 200R
212.02Ω 212R02
220Ω 220R
229.67Ω 229R67
247.04Ω 247R04
250Ω 250R
270Ω 270R
300Ω 300R
330Ω 330R
350Ω 350R
390Ω 390R
400Ω 400R
470Ω 470R
500Ω 500R
560Ω 560R
600Ω 600R
680Ω 680R
700Ω 700R
800Ω 800R
820Ω 820R
900Ω 900R
1kΩ 1K
1.2kΩ 1.2K
1.5kΩ 1.5K
1.8kΩ 1.8K
2kΩ 2K
2.2kΩ 2.2K
2.5kΩ 2.5K
2.7kΩ 2.7K
3kΩ 3K
3.3kΩ 3.3K
3.9kΩ 3.9K
4kΩ 4K
4.7kΩ 4.7K
5kΩ 5K
5.6kΩ 5.6K
6kΩ 6K
6.8kΩ 6.8K
7kΩ 7K
8kΩ 8K
8.2kΩ 8.2K
9kΩ 9K
9.9kΩ 9.9K
10kΩ 10K
12kΩ 12K
15kΩ 15K
18kΩ 18K
20kΩ 20K
22kΩ 22K
25kΩ 25K
27kΩ 27K
30kΩ 30K
33kΩ 33K
39kΩ 39K
40kΩ 40K
47kΩ 47K
50kΩ 50K
56kΩ 56K
60kΩ 60K
68kΩ 68K
70kΩ 70K
80kΩ 80K
82kΩ 82K
90kΩ 90K
99kΩ 99K
100kΩ 100K
160kΩ 160K
180kΩ 180K
200kΩ 200K
250kΩ 250K
300kΩ 300K
320kΩ 320K
400kΩ 400K
500kΩ 500K

General Resistance 8G16 Econistor Series Resources

Product Datasheet

Supporting Manufacturer Information

  • General Resistance Non-RoHS Information
    Document to explain the changes from General Resistance between Non-RoHS and RoHS compliant product. 8E16, 5E10 and GR102 are all Non-RoHS Compliant. 8G16, 5G10 and GG102 are all RoHS compliant.

General Resistance 8G16 Econistor Series

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