Jackcon T-C DC Capacitor series

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Product Features

  • DC ceramic disk capacitor
  • Dissipation factor under 10.10-4 at 1Vrms and 1kH (or 1MHz)
  • Insulation resistance of 10,000 MΩ min at 100Vdc over 1 minute


The T-C DC ceramic disc capacitor series from Jackcon is designed especially for low losses and high capacitance stability. These compact DC capacitors feature capacitance between 1pF and 120pF and insulation resistance of at least 10000MΩ at 100Vdc over 1 minute. They are available in either NP0 or SL dielectric materials and with a range of tolerances from ±0.25pF to ±10% . The operating temperature of the T-C range of DC capacitors is between -25°C and +85°C.

  • DC ceramic disc capacitors
  • Dielectric materials either NP0 or SL
  • Capacitance ratings available between 1pF and 120pF
  • Tolerances of ±0.25pF, ±0.5pF, ±5% or ±10%
  • Insulation resistance of at least 10000MΩ at 100Vdc over 1 minute
  • Voltage rating from 50Vdc to 20kVdc
  • TCR of ±30ppm/°C (NP0) or -1000ppm/°C to +350ppm/°C(SL)
  • Temperature range between -25°C and +85°C
  • Through-hole radial leaded capacitors

Typical applications for the Jackcon T-C DC disc ceramic capacitor series include:

  • Low losses, high capacitance stability applications
  • Applications requiring a specific TC, for example temperature compensating circuits

The below table gives the specifications overview for each capacitor model available within the T-C DC capacitor series:

Jackcon T-C Specifications

The reference test temperature is 25°C

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Jackcon T-C DC Series Technical Library

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Jackcon T-C DC Capacitor series

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