Caddock MP2060 Series

Caddock MP2060 Series

The MP2060 Kool-Pak® clip mount power film resistors from Caddock offer a resistance range from 0.005Ω up to 1KΩ and a power range of up to 60W continuous power at +25°C case temperature for 0.02Ω and above. The MMP2060 series tolerance values available are ±1.0% (as standard) ±2.0% and ±5.0% (depending on the resistance value required). These power resistors are in a TO-220 style package designed for clip mounting and offer non-inductive design for high speed switching, snubbers and RF applications.

  • Kool-Pak® clip mount power film through hole resistor in a TO-220 style package
  • Resistance values available between 0.005Ω and 1KΩ
  • Excellent pulse / surge performance
  • Non-inductive design
  • TCR of 0 to +300 ppm/°C (between 0.005Ω and 0.014Ω), 0 to +200 ppm/°C (between 0.015Ω and 0.049Ω), 0 to +100 ppm/°C (between 0.05Ω and 0.49Ω) and -20 to +80 ppm/°C (from 0.5Ω and above)
  • Tolerance of ±5.0% at 0.005Ω and ±2.0% at 0.01Ω and 0.015Ω, ±1.0% from 0.02Ω and greater
  • Power range of up to 60W at +25°C case temperature for 0.02Ω and above
  • Continuous current of up to 60A at +25°C case temperature for 0.015Ω and below
  • Operation up to +150°C case temperature
  • Electrically isolated case

Custom resistance values and tolerances are also available on request

The below table gives the specifications available for the complete MP2060 resistor series:

Caddock MP2060 Specifications

* Please see the datasheet for the derating curve.

Additional Features
  • TO-220 style power through-hole resistor
  • Kool-Pak® clip mount design
  • Non-inductive
  • Up to 60A continuous current at +25°C case temperature (0.02Ω and above)
  • Excellent pulse / surge performance
  • Operation up to +150°C case temperature
  • Electrically isolated case
Maximum Power Rating 60W (from 0.02Ω and above)
Maximum Resistance 1kΩ
Minimum Resistance 0.005Ω
  • 0 to +300 ppm/°C (between 0.005Ω and 0.014Ω)
  • 0 to +200 ppm/°C (between 0.015Ω and 0.049Ω)
  • 0 to +100 ppm/°C (between 0.05Ω and 0.49Ω)
  • -20 to +80 ppm/°C (from 0.5Ω and above)
  • ±5.0% at 0.005Ω
  • ±2.0% at 0.01Ω and 0.015Ω
  • ±1.0% from 0.02Ω and greater

This product is available fully compliant to the RoHS EU directive 2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU

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