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The below manufacturers are our authorised partners that produce Other Products or related products.

Other Products

As part of our ever-growing portfolio to support our customers, we also have a variety of other products that fall outside the scope of electronic components. This includes:

  • Current and Voltage Measurement Modules
  • Precision Alloys
  • Modular Data Acquisition Modules
  • Portable Milliohm Meters and Accessories

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Featured products

Isabellenhütte ISOTAN®

  • ISOTAN® thermocouple alloy
  • Versatile Copper-Nickel alloy (CuNi44Mn1)
  • Low-temperature coefficient
  • High resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion
  • Suitable for resistance and thermoelectric applications including negative leads of thermocouple types J, L, T, U and E

Isabellenhütte ISAOHM®

  • ISAOHM® resistance alloy
  • High resistivity Nickel-Chromium (NiCr20AlSi)
  • Low-temperature coefficient
  • Low thermal EMF compared to Copper
  • High tensile strength
  • Temperature range of up to +250°C in free air

Isabellenhütte MANGANIN®

  • MANGANIN® resistance alloy
  • Copper-Manganese-Nickel alloy (CuMn12Ni)
  • Very low-temperature coefficient
  • Extremely low thermal EMF compared to Copper
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Industry-standard material for precision resistors and shunts
Please be advised that due to the ongoing supply issues with raw materials affecting the global electronics industry, as well as an increase in orders received by our manufacturing partners, a large number of products are facing increased lead times in recent months. For the latest lead time and stock availability, please contact one of our engineers who will be happy to discuss lead times further and the potential for alternative parts.