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With such a vast array of projects and applications, it’s often the case that an off the shelf enclosure or cabinet is not exactly what is required. We have partnered with Fibox to bring our customers the ideal solution to finish any project. We can offer a number of options to customise off the shelf product to suit your needs such as machining, custom colour, tool modification, EMC protection, silk screen printing and more. Alternatively, we are able to work together to create a unique housing solution designed around your exact needs. We are the one-stop shop having everything from concept design and engineering to injection molding and secondary processes to logistics and warehousing under the same roof.

Fibox have been providing world class services in plastic molding solutions for many years. With high standards in their services as well as technology for customers in most industries such as energy, industrial, medical, health care and so much more. In addition to such an extensive amount of customisable options, Fibox also offer an assemble service for custom products. Taking the need for any additional work on your project, we can work with Fibox to provide you with an end product straight to your door. 

All Fibox enclosures can be customised to meet the exact requirements of a customer’s application by employing modern machinery. For customers requiring modification of a Fibox standard enclosure, we offer design tools for the engineer. CAD drawing files of standard enclosures are developed for use with all major computer-design programs. Factory- technical assistance is also available to aid the engineer in creating the most cost-effective customisation that meets the engineer’s needs. Buying a customised enclosure from Fibox ensures ongoing consistency and quality.


Custom Design Process

Concept & Solution Creation

From idea of the plastic product to real physical prototypes. We can provide services such as:

  • Part design
  • Production design
  • Design optimisation
  • Simulations
  • First tool concepts
  • Proto tooling
  • DFME
  • Moldflow simulations
  • First tool concepts
  • Planning for Quality
Industrialisation & Production

Getting the prototype products accepted and finalized is great. But after that the real push for mass manufacturing starts and we are there to make sure to get things delivered on timely manner:

  • Planning for production
  • Equipment and capacity
  • FOT and PPAP
  • Mass production
  • Secondary processes and assemblies
  • High quality standards
  • NPI
  • Validations
  • Quality metrics
  • Continuous improvement
Logistics & Warehousing

Fibox has several manufacturing locations that allows us to be close proximity for customer. We also have services to stock and buffer products:

  • Creation close to demand
  • Globally scaling availability
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Buffering
  • Material availability planning
  • Deliveries
  • Ramp down planning
  • EOL buffering
  • Tool maintenance

Customisation options


Machining Service

Fibox employs state-of-the-art machines to manufacture your custom-made enclosures with drills, knockouts or openings, even for small piece numbers.


Custom Colouring

Paint your enclosures in your corporate colour. Fibox offers customers a choice of custom or RAL colour for plastic enclosures, even for relatively small quantities.

Assembly Service

Have you ordered hinges, inspection windows or other Fibox accessories?
Do you know our assembly service can deliver your enclosure and accessories pre-assembled and ready for use. This cuts down your labour costs and time to delivery.


Lacquer Coating

Fibox provides a lacquer coating for your enclosures on request. This process is especially recommended for production quantities of under 500 pieces. We offer a comprehensive range of lacquer options.

Tool Modifications from OEM Enclosures

Instead of having to manufacture a whole new tool Fibox can modify
our own standard tools according to your OEM enclosure specification.
This results in a shorter product development time and enables you to
take your product to market earlier.

Modifications of our standard tools give you a possibility to differentiate
your products form your competitors.

Fibox EMC shielding

EMC Protection

Fibox can provide your plastic enclosure with EMC protection if desired.
For example we can apply a conductive copper coating to the inside faces, or utilising a special conductive gasket….or both.


Screen Printing

Fibox can supply your enclosures with silk screen printing to your
specification. Smooth, even surfaces are required.

Fibox NEO enclosures range JPG
Fibox NEO

Custom Enclosure Examples

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