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Low Resistance Current Sensing (Through Hole)

IRHF series precision shunt 50A - 500A

IRHF series precision shunt 50A - 500A

With a temperature coefficient of ± 15ppm/°C between +20°C and +60°C, self heating errors are kept to a minimum. Custom current or output voltages are also available.

  • 50 - 500A
  • 100mV output
  • 1% - 0.1% tolerance
  • Custom design options
All models supply 100mV at full current rating. The voltage output is available via a Kelvin connected flying lead, which enables a resistance tolerance of between 0.1% and 1%.

IRHF series precision shunt 50A - 500A

Quantity Order Code Resistance Tolerance Power Voltage Temp. Range
IRH100F 75A 1.333mOhm 1% 100W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH200F 150A 0.666mOhm 1% 200W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH200F 250A 0.400mOhm 1% 200W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH200F 200A 0.500mOhm 1% 200W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH200F 100A 1.000mOhm 1% 200W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH300F 300A 0.333mOhm 1% 300W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH300F 400A 0.250mOhm 1% 300W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH300F 500A 0.200mOhm 1% 300W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH80F 50A 2.000mOhm 1% 80W 100mV -55°C/110°C
IRH80F 75A 1.333mOhm 1% 80W 100mV -55°C/110°C
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