Coto RR122-3CU2/3CU3 (Turbo) Series

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Product Features

  • TMR digital push-pull magnetic sensor
  • Operate sensitivity of 10 G (typical)
  • Average supply current of 0.8μA at 3V (typical)
  • Supply voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V
  • Bipolar Latching push-pull response
  • Operating frequency of 100Hz / 10kHz Turbo
  • SOT-23-5 (511) package


The RedRock™ RR122-3CU2/3CU3 sensor series from Coto Technology is a range of digital push-pull magnetic sensors with turbo mode designed using a patented Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology with seamless CMOS integration. The RR122-3CU2/3CU3 series features a typical operate sensitivity of 10 G (1 mT), with a bipolar latching magnetic field response. They offer a wide supply voltage range from 1.7V to 5.5V, ideal for applications ranging from small battery-powered electronics to industrial machinery. The TMR sensors have a typical current drain of 0.8μA at 3V/100Hz (typical), 75μA at 3V/10kHz (typical), and are available with operating temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C (RR122-3CU2-511) or -40°C to +125°C (RR122-3CU3-511). These sensors are ideal for use in medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.

  • TMR digital push-pull magnetic sensor with turbo mode
  • Operate sensitivity of 10 G (typical)
  • Release point sensitivity of -10 G (typical)
  • Average supply current of 0.8μA at 3V/100Hz (typical)
  • Supply voltage range of 1.7V to 5.5V
  • Bipolar Latching push-pull response
  • Operating frequency of 100Hz
  • Turbo Mode Pin to Enable 10kHz operation
  • Temperature range of -40° to +85° (RR122-3CU2-515)
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +125°C (RR122-3CU3-515)
  • SOT-23-5 (515) package

Approvals for the Coto Technology RR122-3CU2/3CU3 Series include:

  • RoHS

Typical applications for the Coto Technology RR122-3CU2/3CU3 Series include:

  • Proximity Detection
  • Linear Position Sensing
  • Rotary Sensing
  • Fluid Level Detection
  • Door & Lid Closure Detection
  • Utility Meters
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Motor Controllers
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wake-Up μProcessor

Coto is a worldwide market leader of small signal-switching products sold into the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets. Coto specialises in the manufacture of relay, switch and sensor products. Coto are the pioneers of the RedRock® analog and digital TMR magnetic sensors, offering the lowest power consumption, highest sensitivity, ultra-miniature package size, short lead times and a highly-competitive price. Please visit for more information.

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Product Type

Magnetic Polarity Response

Release Point

Clock Frequency

Temperature Range (°C)


Supply Voltage

Average Supply Current

Output Response

Series / Model


Package / Size

Coto RR122-3CU2/3CU3 (Turbo) Series Ordering Info

Below is the model number configuration for the RR122 series from Coto Technology.

Ordering example: RR122-3CU2-515

Series / Model (RR122)


Magnetic Polarity Response (X)


Magnetic Sensitivity (X)

Op 10 G, Rel -10 G

Clock Frequency (X)

100Hz+Turbo (10000Hz)

Temperature Range (°C) (X)

-40 to +85°C
-40 to +125°C

Supply Voltage (Y)

1.7 to 5.5V

Output Response (Y)

Active Low

Package / Size (Y)


Coto RR122-3CU2/3CU3 (Turbo) Series Resources

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Coto RR122-3CU2/3CU3 (Turbo) Series

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