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EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W Dual Axis Inclinometer

EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W Dual Axis Inclinometer

EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W is an advanced wireless dual axis inclinometer system equipped with a rugged remote tilt sensing probe. It allows real time monitoring of PITCH and ROLL angles on any Android phone or tablet via built in standard Bluetooth wireless interface.  Menu driven system intuitively controls display functions while operator is located away from the actual tilting surface.

EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W operates in full +-15 degrees of tilt in both Pitch and Roll with resolution and repeatability of 0.0010. The output can be easily switched between arcdeg and mm/meter with a single touch of a screen.

EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W includes a rechargeable battery which can be recharged via standard Micro-USB port like any mobile phone.

Designed to assist in heavy equipment installation and levelling, the EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W can be also used in QC inspection, CNC operations, construction, automotive, marine, military and many other applications. 

Custom application software is easy to use, intuitive and does not require special training. The following screen shots demonstrate various stages of software running on popular android phone.

Initial Connect Screen         Post Login Screen         Arcdeg output screen         mm/meter output screen         Forced ZERO screen

EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W has integrated USB port for direct computer interfacing in cases where the Bluetooth is not available. Test data can be logged in real time via USB linked terminal program and used for further analysis or record keeping.

 Standard configuration of the EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W  includes a carry case, sensor probe, command reference laminated card and a Micro-USB cable. 

EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W Dual Axis Inclinometer

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EZ-LEVEL-PRO-W Inclinometer
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