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Analog Universal Inclinometer Platform

EZ-TILT-3000TM rev-2 is a highly advanced and flexible angle conversion module for  single and dual axis tilt measurement applications.

EZ-TILT-3000TM is able to provide a complete DUAL AXIS angle measurement solution with an ANALOG output when using DX sensors.  This miniature SMT module has independent gain and null adjustments, and is available in a WIDE RANGE or HIGH-RESOLUTION versions.

RATIOMETRIC by design, it can be powered by a unipolar or bipolar supply. Advanced CMOS design guarantees low current consumption, which makes this module a logical choice for various battery-powered applications. 

As with any other AOSI  angle conversion module, you may install the sensor directly on the PCB or remotely. With proper selection of supply voltage and GAIN settings this module may be directly interfaced to standard A/D converters or computer I/O data acquisition boards.


  • Supply Voltage: +4.6Vdc to +18Vdc
  • Current consumption: 2mA @ 5Vdc, 4.8mA @ 12Vdc, 6.6mA @ 15Vdc
  • Noise Bandwidth (0 to 100Hz): <1mVdc
  • Min resistive load: 3Kohm


Quantity Order Code Current Voltage Activation Level Temp. Range
EZ-TILT-3000 analogue
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