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Movement & Acceleration Sensors

EZ-TILT-7001 / EZ-TILT-7002 Solid State PCB

EZ-TILT-7001 / EZ-TILT-7002 Solid State PCB


High performance micro-machined solid state single/dual axis inclinometers deliver excellent reliability over wide temperature range.

Based on the principle of differential capacitance, the unit detects and converts tilt changes into proportional analog voltage.

Main sensor is packaged into a ultra-small DFN SMT package.

Easy installation and rugged design makes it suitable for numerous high  precision applications with tilt range of +-90 arcdeg.  

Sensor is assembled on a 0.5" x 1.5" PCB which is operational from  5Vdc or 6-18Vdc.    


 Parameter  Value  Units
 Range, Xout, Yout  ±1 (±90 arcdeg)  g (arcdeg) 
 Sensitivity, Xout, Yout  2000  mV/g
 Null Offset Vs Temp  ±175 @ full temp  °C
 Operating Temperature  -40 to +85  °C
 Storage Temperature  -55 to +125  °C
 Sensitivity Vs Temp  ±3 (max)  %
 Angular Repeatability  <0.05 (typ)  arcdeg
 Output Span (F.S.)  ±2000  mV
 Bandwidth  0-3000 (max)  Hz
 Output Resistance  35,000 (typ)  Ohm
 Non Linearity  <0.5 mid range  % of F.S.
 Cross-Axis Sensitivity  <3.0  %
 Current Consumption  2 (typ)  mA
 Supply Voltage*  +6 to +18  Vdc
 Max Shock  4500 for 0.5sec  g
 ESD  2950  V
 Dimensions  0.5" x 1.5"  PCB

EZ-TILT-7001 / EZ-TILT-7002 Solid State PCB

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