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Passive input isolators

IL600 Series Three channel digital isolator

The IL600 series has a passive input which allows the designer to be able to drive the input with a very wide range of voltage inputs. A single resistor is used to set the maximum input current for input voltages above 0.5V. Please note a feed forward 'boost' capacitor of around 10pF must be placed in parallel with the current limiting resistor.

  • 100Mbps data rate
  • Wide input voltage range
  • MSOP, SOIC, PDIP packages
  • 10 ns typical propagation delay
  • UL1577 recognized: IEC 60747-5-5 (VDE 0884) certified.
The IL600 series is a range of isolated signal couplers with CMOS outputs which can be used to replace opto-couplers in many standard isolation functions.

IL600 Series Three channel digital isolator

Quantity Order Code Package Data Rate Temp. Range
IL613-3E 16-SOIC-0.15" -40°C/+85°C
IL613E 16-SOIC-0.3" -40°C/+85°C
IL614-3E 16-SOIC-0.15" -40°C/+85°C
IL614E 16-SOIC-0.3" -40°C/+85°C
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