Riedon S-4 Series

  • Riedon

Product Features

Flame resistant UL 94V-0 wirewound resistor

  • Superior surge handling capability
  • Non-inductive windings are available (Type SN)
  • Temperature range between −55°C to +275°C
  • Applications

    • Compliant

    The S-4 series from Riedon utilise wirewound technology to offer great precision, high temperature ratings of up to 275°C, low temperature coefficient and superior surge handling capabilities, all within a surface-mountable package. With resistance values between 0.01Ω and 15kΩ, they are also available with non-inductive windings (type SN) and power ratings of 2W (at +70°C). The S-4 wirewound resistors offer tolerances down to ±0.05%, TCR from ±20 ppm/°C (resistance value dependent) and flame resistant UL 94V-0.

    • Surface-mount wirewound resistor
    • Wirewound construction with non-inductive windings available (type SN)
    • Resistance values between 0.01Ω and 15kΩ
    • TCR values available from ±20 ppm/°C at >10Ω
    • Power rating from 2W (at 70°C)
    • Tolerance options as low as ±0.05% available for resistance values above 100Ω
    • Temperature range between −55°C to +275°C
    • Superior surge handling capability
    • Flame resistant UL 94V-0

    The high power, wirewound surface-mountable S series from Riedon make them ideal for applications where the resistor needs to handle high pulse levels and transients.

    They are available with custom resistance values and other TCRs are available upon request, please see the datasheet for standard options.

    The below table gives the full specifications for each resistor model available in the Riedon S and SL wirewound series:

    Riedon S and SL Specifications

    1 Below 0.1Ω the inductance of a single winding, or the metal element (SL) is negligible.